Game Name:Schattenspiel
Developer:Tobias Werner
Release date:July 27, 2017
Platforms:iOS only
Link:Apple App Store
Regular Price:USD $0.99 | EUR €1.09


Schattenspiel (german: shadow theatre) is a puzzle game about light and shadow. In each level the goal is to recreate a given shadow pattern. This is achieved by moving lamps and blocks around. It gets complicated when the player has to decide which lamps and blocks to toggle to solve the level.

There are 121 Level (40 added in the update on V1.5) which can be solved normal and perfect. To complete a level perfectly, the player must not exceed a certain number of moves.


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My name is Tobias and I'm a 19 year old indie game developer. I started programming in 2013 and released my first game in 2015.

The idea for the Schattenspiel came with the repair of a broken lamp. Without the lampshade, the lamp casted a shadow pattern against the wall. This inspired me to create this minimalistic puzzle game about shadows


Tobias Werner
Game Designer, Developer
Inquiries: mail@twapps.net
Twitter: twitter.com/madebyTWApps
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