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A puzzle game based on light and shadow.

Lamps generate light - Blocks cast shadows. It's as simple as that.
Manipulate the shadow by dragging and dropping lamps and blocks. Tap on a lamp to toggle it and connect two lamps to create a large one.

Challenge yourself in 120 level which can be solved both normal and perfect. In the end each level is a piece of art!

Out now on iOS

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Schattenspiel Placeholder
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a cheap, stylish puzzler that should keep you entertained for a good few hours before it’s time to turn out the lights. -

game idea, presentation and the many challenges are convincing -

It’s functional and beautiful, a dance of light and shadow flowing around your fingertip. -

Schattenspiel is once again an indie-puzzle, for which we love the App Store -

If you like to play with the iPhone or iPad and search for a game without any hassle and limits, Schattenspiel is exactly your case. -

I found this game oddly relaxing and will certainly be keeping this one in my personal group of casual puzzlers -

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Contact information, screenshots and more are available in the presskit.

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