Game Name:Pzzl.
Developer:Tobias Werner
Release date:January 11, 2017
Platforms:iOS only
Link:Apple App Store
Regular Price:USD $0.99 | EUR €1.09


Pzzl. („Puzzle“ - just without vowels) is a puzzle game in which the player can choose a maximum of 8 possible next moves per turn (horizontal, vertical and diagonal). The goal is always to have at least 1 out of 8 free spaces so the player does not get into a dead end. As the board continues to fill with each turn multiple characters of the same level merge together to create new space. The game ends when there are no new moves possible.


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My name is Tobias and I'm a 19 year old indie game developer. I started programming in 2013 and released my first game in 2015.

Pzzl. ("Puzzle" - just without vowels) is my interpretation of a match-3 game. The focus isn't really to match multiple characters but to choose your next move wisely so you don't end up in a dead end. There are 8 animated characters to unlock which keep the game "alive" even when the player is thinking about his/her next move.


Tobias Werner
Game Designer, Developer
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